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Writer & Director

Jalapeno Andretti is the Spanish Quarter's best driver and the fastest man in all of New Orleans. Don't believe him? He challenges you! Jalapeno holds all the speed records and his Super-Car, the Roqueta Roja (the Red Rocket), is always on the lookout for her next victim. Are you next?

Written and Directed by Alejandro de los Rios, 'Jalapeno Andretti' follows the life of its titular character, a valet driver seemingly lost in his delusions of being a champion grand prix racer. But the fact is that only Jalapeno (de los Rios) and his trusted companion/cameraman Theriot (Matthew Zarba) know the truth about his talent and speed.

Jalapeno is constantly dogged by his boss, 'Jefe' (Nicolas Manuel Pino). Jefe's sick of everything and now he has to deal with Senna (Manon Pages) - his girlfriend's sister and a huge pain in his ass. Senna comes in with a rap sheet, a rotten attitude and no respect for Jalapeno's greatness. Insulted, Jalapeno decides to confront Senna and it turns into the greatest challenge of Jalapeno's career.